• Maximum life, longer wear
• Helps protect bottom belt cover from cuts and tears
• Less vibration
• Smoother belt contact
• Less metal fatigue
• Improved self cleaning
• Exclusive 1-1/2” diameter round bar wing tips wear 2-1/2 times longer and prevent possibility of belt cover cuts and fabric ply separation caused by flat, square and quarter round tips
• Minimum 1/2” wing thickness and “Never Fold” Wing Support Rings™ prevent wing and pulley failure
• Increased gusset angle improves self cleaning action resulting in a cleaner running belt with less chance of belt damage

• 1-1/2” diameter solid steel round face bar
• 1/2” thick wings
• 1/4” gussets

• Hot Vulcanized Wing Pulley Lagging
• Stainless steel construction available
• “AR” abrasion resistant wing tips available
• Optional Douglas Keyless Locking Assemblies available
• Shafting
• Bearing Assemblies
• Take-Up Systems




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