The Series 52 offers the bounce-free electronic valve signaling required for all PLC, computer and solid state circuitry vital to process control and information networks. Costly external junction boxes are eliminated and field wiring costs are greatly reduced.Bray’s approach delivers the most compact, reliable and economical valve position monitoring system available.

• Models: DC NPN, DC PHP, AC, I.S., DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, ASi
• Electrical Connections: Inductive: M12(4 pin), 7/8"(5 pin)
• BUS Network: ASi Flat Cable, DeviceNET, ASi M12
• Housing: Valox

Moisture, Chemical and Corrosion Protection

The two proximity sensors are completely encapsulated with epoxy resin in a rigid polymer enclosure that is impervious to moisture and most chemical and corrosive agents. Once the multi-pin connection is made, the cable link to plant wiring is completely sealed eliminating the possibility of failure due to moisture. These protections make the Series 52 the best choice for hostile environments.

Electrical Connection

A multi-pin electrical connector is designed for full compatibility with today’s industrial wiring requirements.

Polymer Enclosure

Bray’s design of two sensors in one rugged enclosure greatly reduces space requirements and expensive housings needed for previous dual switch applications. The epoxy resin encapsulation protects the sensors against vibration or shock.

Local Position Indication

A Valve Position Pointer, made of highly visible yellow ABS material, shows valve position locally throughout the full range of travel.
• LED Indicators give positive verification that the sensors are electrically functioning and show the target position has been reached.
• High Visibility Valve Position Display: (optional) Prominently labeled and color coded – yellow for open, black for closed – the display indicates valve position throughout the full range of travel.


N/A Series 52 Valve Status Monitor


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