Although Thern portable davit cranes are most commonly used at water treatment facilities they are also found at jobsites, in maintenance shops, in factories, on radar towers and roof tops all over the world. Your choice of pedestal, flush or wall mount bases increases your installation options.

Thern's portable davit cranes can easily be moved from base to base for an endless variety of uses. Our cranes can also be mounted to vehicles or equipped with a wheel mount base for even more portability.

Because of their portability, Thern davit cranes are very affordable. With the purchase of one crane and multiple bases installed wherever there is a need to lift and position virtually anything weighing up to 2,000 lbs., a Thern davit crane is your best choice.

Thern davit cranes come in several different finishes to withstand any environment. Our davits come standard with a durable red powder coat finish, but are also available Galvanized, 304 and 316 Stainless Steel as well as Epoxy coated. Custom colors are also available.

Depending upon the load weight and dimensions, hook height needed above or below floor level, hook reach required, long or short load lifts, spur gear or worm gear hand or power operated winches, AC/ DC or drill drivable options, our experts will help you choose the perfect davit and winch combination to handle your project with ease. Let us help make your job faster, safer and easier with the use of the best davit crane available.



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