Lift up to 1,000 lbs. (½ ton) with a durable, portable floor crane from Thern. Whether on the manufacturing plant floor or a construction site, our portable floor cranes are easily moved to where you need a little extra muscle to raise and lower loads smoothly and efficiently. Each collapsible crane folds down into a compact unit for easy storage or transport. We offer a wide variety of options and accessories to meet your specific requirements.


Each portable floor crane is designed for simple, affordable operation with the following features:
• Manually operated hydraulic jack raises the boom and comes equipped with a control knob for smooth lowering of loads.
• Adjustable boom telescopes to 4 different lengths.
• Overload relief valve helps prevent overload damage by releasing hydraulic pressure when too large a load is placed on the crane.
• Four wheel base with scratch and spark resistant wheels in front, and caster wheels in back for 360° maneuverability.
• Four-point support ensures stability under load.
• Crane folds down to 16 x 17 x 57 inches for easy storage and transport.
• Swivel hook allows rotation of load for accurate placement.
• Cabled pins secure legs to the base for quick installation and removal.
• 548 Series portable floor cranes lift up to 1,000 lbs.



Max Lift

N/A 1,000 lbs.


N/A ISO 9001


N/A Thern