Sicoma's fiber dispenser is the latest in methods of adding fiber to concrete.  It accepts bulk fiber and dispenses it by weight through the exit chute into a mixer or holding hopper.  Various sizes and models are available, depending on the type of fiber and volume to be dispensed.

The dispenser is first filled with bulk fiber.  The bottom of the loading hopper is a cleated belt that teases the fiber and feeds it slowly to the rotating comb drum;  this in turn separates the individual fibers and throws them into the discharge chute.

The whole dispensing hopper sits on load cells, allowing the dispenser plus fiber load to be weighed.  The required amount of fiber is dispensed by loss-of-weight, based on the concrete batch size being made.

The whole dispenser can be controlled from a batch controller, such as Scale-Tron's BatchTron II, as part of the batching process, allowing the fiber to be proportioned in any ratio desired, according to the batch formula.  BatchTron also has the capability to select fiber/no fiber from the formula, eliminating operator errors