Create a new batch plant quickly or retrofit an existing plant with the assurance of a proven design;  Sicoma's piggyback system fits right on top of the mixer.  It gives you an aggregate holding hopper or scale, cement scale and water tank or scale, all perfectly tailored to the mixer.

  • Range of models to suit all MAO mixer sizes.
  • Hopper sizes are perfect for the mixer - no design work required; guaranteed success.
  • Frame bolts into standard mounting holes in mixer frame - installed easily and quickly.
  • Load cells and discharge gates included.  Just add solenoid valves.
  • When ordered with mixer, cover is prepared with connection flanges and boots.
  •  Sicoma mixer frame has the extra strength to take the extra static and dynamic load of this structure - both convenient and a safe structural design.
  • Matching bins, silos, aggregate scale and conveyor can be supplied.

To obtain the fastest mixing cycles and maximum throughput for the size of mixer, it is essential to feed the mixer at high speed.  This makes a skip hoist or holding hopper essential if the plant is a low profile design with aggregate scale at ground level or lower.  An inclined belt, pocket belt or bucket elevator can lift the aggregates to the level of the holding hopper.  If the plant is high profile, vertical or tower type, the aggregate holding hopper can be mounted on load cells to become a scale.  We can advise on the design as well as supplying the equipment from one of our partner companies, giving you a guaranteed solution.

Note that on some models, the discharge gate mechanism prevents proper opening of the access covers.  In these cases, access is possible from one side only.



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