The HTS 042-001-01 system is an electronic device based on a micro controller which allows to monitor the MAO mixer. Its function is to help with the running and the maintenance of the mixer. This device signals possible errors/anomalies which might occur during working in order to make intervention easier. When the system acknowledges a problem, it signals it at the same time in three different ways:

  • warning lights which are integrated in the graphics;
  • message displayed on LCD;
  • binary error codes on micro relay which give the possibility to transfer, by means of special cabling, this information to a remote control console.

The HTS 042-001-01 system has furthermore two meters by which the working hours and the production cycles of the mixer are monitored. This information allows the system to run a memorandum which signals the necessity of any kind of servicing.

The internal memory allows a constant recording of the work done by the mixer. This system has furthermore two USB ports which allow the connection of memory devices (such as USD memory sticks) and the connection to a Personal Computer.



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