Cable splicing kit contains sufficient materials to make two waterproof cable splices (at one time) of 4 conductor to 4 conductor or 4 conductor to 6 conductor load cell cable up to 5/8" dia. The connection uses a small printed circuit board with solder tabs for terminating the individual conductors. Mold has 4-3/8" length and 1-1/4" dia. Each kit contains material for two connections, 2 mold forms, 2 printed circuit boards, 1 mixing bag with resin and hardener, 5 cleaning pads, 1 roll pvc tape, 1 roll cloth tape, 1 strip emery cloth, 8 cable ties (strain reliefs), 2 strips waterproofing putty



N/A KVM cable splicing kit (sufficient for 2 splices)


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