Inline splicing kit for shielded or non-shielded cable 1/4" to 5/8" dia. The translucent body is made of strong plastic in molded body halves. Mold body length is 7-3/16". Tongue and groove design provides a firm, solid joint. Simply snap together around the splice and seal the ends. Mix the 2104 Electrical Insulating and Sealing Compound in its Unipak container and pour it into the mold. 2104 Compound is a two part, low viscosity polyurethane for permanent splice protection. This compound flows well - even at low temperatures. It fills mold bodies completely and eliminates voids. Cure time is about 1 hour at 72 deg F and 20 hours at 20 deg F. The Unipak container allows fast mixing of premeasured portions that pour cleanly from the container. No tools or containers are needed. A loosely woven polyester spacer web, bonded to the inside of the mold body, allows even distribution of the compound around the splice. Included in the kit are compound, rubber tape end-sealing strips, and instructions. Excellent moisture seal protects against water entry.


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