Flow-Tek Series 19 is a versatile Segmented Ball Valve designed for throttling or on-off applications in various industries including pulp & paper, chemical, power, oil & gas, and mining.

The valve features a characterized ball segment for high rangeability with splined stem connection for precise control, maintenance friendly segment-stem assembly, low friction shaft and thrust bearings for longer life, integral actuator mounting pads, and interchangeable seats.

Valve Body
• One piece body design which offers greater rigidity against fluctuating pipe loads.
• Eliminates the leak path associated with two piece body designs.
• Available in Flangeless and Flanged Ends.

Ball Segment
• Carefully designed with characterized V-port to offer rangeability in excess of 300:1, ideal for throttling applications in high consistency pulp services or slurry applications.
• Perfectly ground spherical surface with rounded edges ensure lower operating torques for metal seated valves.
• Hard coated spherical surface prevents galling.
• The segment is carefully designed for optimum flow.
• The seat is supported during higher openings to prevent rocking motion and possible failure of the valve.

Ball – Stem Connection Seat
• Close-fit splined connection between stem and the segment offers extra strength with no lost motion or dead band.
• Perfectly oriented, specially designed shaft pin facilitates self-alignment of the ball segment while simplifying the assembly and disassembly during routine maintenance.

• Available with a metal seat and soft seat.
• Directs the flow away from the sealing area.
• Pressure energized seat design offers excellent sealing even at very low differential pressures.
• Self-aligning seat is independent of external pipe loads and offers excellent sealing even in adverse conditions.
• Standard metal seat has hard-faced seat surface with Stellite overlay on 316 SS base material.
• Standard soft seat design uses Tek-Fil® to maintain exceptional chemical and heat resistance.
• Flow-Teks’ Tek-Fil® provides higher compressive strength, lower co-efficient of friction, superior abrasion and wear resistance, lower permeability, lower porosity, and reduced cold flow.

• Stem and end post bearings are low friction and maintenance free.
• Made of wear resistant PTFE compound supported by metal fabric or thick walled metal depending on the pressure drop.
• Additional thrust bearing on stem collar for high pressure applications eliminates unbalanced axial load for consistent high performance and precision control.



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