Flow-Tek’s EF10-EF40 Flanged Series ball valves feature a floating ball design for low torque and increased cycle life. Ball supports come standard in larger sizes ensuring proper ball and seat alignment for reduced wear. These rugged ball valves are ideal for industrial applications.


Flow-Tek balls are precision machined and mirror finished for bubble-tight shut off and low operating torque. As an added safety feature, a hole in the stem slot of each ball equalizes pressure between the body cavity and the line media flow.


DN15-DN100 valve bodies are investment cast and solution annealed/normalized for the highest quality and additional strength. All body castings are marked with a foundry heat number for full traceability. Carbon steel bodies are phosphate coated to increase corrosion resistance.


Flow-Tek’s seat design ensures bi-directional, bubble-tight sealing with low operating torque. All resilient seats feature relief slots on seat O.D. clearance to relieve pressure past the upstream seat. Seats also have positive preloading to ensure low pressure/vacuum sealing.


Flow-Tek manufactures heavy duty, high quality stems with double “D” connections to ball and operator mounting. Stem and ball design ensure positive contact. All Flow‑Tek stems are internal entry and blowout proof for maximum safety.


A thrust washer and thrust washer protector combine to provide the primary seal, reduce torque and prevent galling. Adjustable stem packing creates a secondary seal between the stem and body. The stem packing is composed of multiple RPTFE V-rings as standard; graphite stem packing is standard on all fire safe valves.

DN15-DN50 features Flow-Tek's Smart Stem. This stem is self-adjusting due to its Belleville washers allowing it to compensate for environmental changes and wear. DN65-DN300 valves utilize an independent packing gland which can be easily adjusted wit out removing mounting hardware or operator. The packing gland is contoured to uniformly distribute the load across the packing.

• Body Style: 2 Piece
• Pressure Ratings: FD10: 10Bar FD16: 16Bar FD25: 25Bar FD40: 40Bar
• Materials: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel & Special Alloys
• Seat Materials: RPTFE, StainlessSteel/PTFE (50/50), UHMWPE, Virgin PTFE, PEEK, Tek-Fil® (carbon/graphite filled TFM), Cavity Fillers, Metal seats*
• Ball Materials: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel


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