The Bray/VAAS Series 767 is a bidirectional slurry valve, designed for demanding slurry applications. Twin elastomer seats and push-through gate design facilitate self-cleaning and prevent media build up.

The durable ductile iron body is offered in a two-piece bolted wafer style. When fully open, the valve is full bore, offering no resistance to line media.

Size Range: 3-36" (80-1500mm)
Pressure Rating: 360psi (25bar)
Body Style: Wafer, Two-Piece Bolted

Seat Options:
• Nat. Rubber: -60°-165°F / -51°-74°C
• Buna-N: -35°-194°F / -37°-90°C
• EPDM: -65°-248°F / -54°-120°C
• Viton®: -15°-392°F / -26°-200°C

Design: Manufacturer Standard
Testing: MSS SP-81
Face to Face: Per industry standard
Certification: Canadian CRN
Drilling: ASME B16.5 CL150, ASME B16.47 CL150

Actuator Options:
• Handwheel: Standard 2-8"
• Bevel Gear: Standard 10-24"
• Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric

*Picture is shown with actuator options.