The Cleveland Vibrator Company's Live Beam Table is primarily designed for the consolidation of concrete in large forms and molds. Beams are spaced apart to handle long and narrow, yet heavy, loads. Each beam is mounted on series of heavy duty rubber-in-compression mounts for good stability and vibration isolation.

Common Applications Include:
• Removal of air and voids from poured concrete and refractories
• Testing product quality and fatigue

Benefits of the Live Beam Table Include:
• Beams can be spaced apart as much as 15 feet to handle long, narrow, extremely heavy loads
• Heavy duty rubber mounts provide stability and vibration isolation
• Increased quality and consistency in molded and settled products
• Vibrators are rated for continuous duty

Features and options of the Live Beam Table include:
• Units are totally enclosed and dust-tight
• Vibrators are fully adjustable
• Variable speed controllers for double and multiple beam installations are available



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