The HyBrute Screener from HK Technologies Inc. combines the power of a brute force screener with the sensitivity of an ultrasonic sieving system, resulting in a high-capacity, screener system for fine powdered materials. The HyBrute incorporates the low-maintenance, high-volume flow rates of a “brute force” rectangular vibratory feeder/screener and the high-precision characteristics of an ultrasonic screener. The resulting “hybrid” screener brings together the best of both types of vibratory units.

Common Applications of the HyBrute Ultrasonic Screener Include:
• Screening large volumes of fine materials and powders

Benefits of the HyBrute Ultrasonic Screener Include:
• Screening and sizing down to 20 microns
• Higher production rates and sieving efficiency
• Consistency with less screen blinding

Features and options of the HyBrute Ultrasonic Screener include:
• Rotary electric vibrators coupled with an ultrasonic deblinding system
• Available in 3 sizes, with screening areas up to 18 square feet



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