Douglas® Sectional Retainer Lagging (SRL™) delivers increased traction over non lagged pulleys. Increased traction between the pulley face and the belt bottom covers reduces belt slippage and helps to improve belt tracking. Double Chevron Grooves help shed water and dirt. Vulcanized rubber lagging protects the pulley’s face from wear and extends pulley service life. Can be installed on new pulleys in our plant or on the pulley in the field.

Douglas® Sectional Retainer Lagging is constructed of the highest quality materials available and to the highest quality standards in the industry. All sections are vulcanized in house using state of the art computer controlled autoclaves. Standard pulley lagging is a 60-65 Durometer Shore A SBR compound suitable for a wide variety of applications. Flat face is standard for SRL™. Special materials similar to the list of materials shown under Vulcanized Pulley Lagging and stainless steel backing plates are available.



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