MCT's MGS m1.0 is an automated concrete batching plant for producing high quality mixed concrete. The main structure of this system is the trailer which acts as the transport system of the plant itself making it easy to transport and assemble. Transportation, installation and commissioning can all be carried out by customer's existing crew without the need for foundations, plumbing or electrical connections. The plant goes together using pinned connections with no needs for bolts and nuts that we call our "zero nuts and bolts design". The electrical and hydraulic connections are carried out and tested in the factory with the aim of guaranteeing maximum reliability of the whole system, the customer's assembly crew are therefore required only to connect industrial plugs as regards the electrical part and connectors for the hydraulic part in order to get the concrete mixing plant working. Managing the plant automation and supervision is the most technologically advanced part of the system and it makes the entire working of the structure basic, the mixing takes place in a very short time and it produces 40 cubic meters per hour of the highest quality concrete.