Worldwide Electric’s EPIC Softstart package is an economical alternative for pump, fan, and conveyor softstart applications that do not require an emergency bypass. The Run-Off-Auto selector switch makes it ideal for remote irrigation applications, yet it is also ideal for industrial applications that will tie into a PLC control system.

Now available with integrated surge protection device (SPD), this soft starter has all of the features and protection for any indoor or outdoor general purpose application.

• Service entrance rated
• Simple operation / easy to use
• NEMA 4 enclosure
• Full panel surge protection
• Advanced motor protection
• Circuit breaker and door operator disconnect (fused disconnect on 20 HP and 25HP)
• Three wire in, three wire out installation
• REMOTE / OFF / ON selector switch for local or remote operation
• Full three leg power starter
• Start rated bypass with x-line mode
• Overload rated 500% for 30 seconds
• Pump ramp down feature - eliminates water hammer
• Emergency stop pushbutton
• Illuminated reset pushbutton
• Run pilot light
• wwEPIC soft starts are suitable for all general purpose applications

HP at 230 Volts

N/A 10

HP at 460 Volts

N/A 20


N/A 28


N/A 37 x 15 x 12


N/A WorldWide Electric