Easy erecting, modular type stationary plant.  Heavy duty H-beam columns support aggregate batcher and bins.  1/4" steel on sloping sides of batcher and bins.  All seams are welded inside and out.  All Stephens gates are permanently lubricated with six (6) 3/4" teeth per gate.  Gates bolt to bins and batcher for easy replacement and maintenance.

We can custom-build a plant to your size requirements or to hit existing footers and piers.

Standard Equipment:

Cement Batcher:
• 14YD cement batcher 140-Cu. Ft. with 10,000 LB lever system, one “s” type load cell (150’ cable) with 0-10 VDC digital readout, with inching gate on batcher, inspection hatch on top of batcher.
• 10” butterfly valve.
• Actuator with electric solenoid and flo-restrictors mounted in solenoid.
• Two aeration pads in cone of batcher with solenoid controls and filter regulator
• Turbine type air vibrator with electric solenoid.
• Hanger lugs for hanging test weights and safety chains to secure batcher

Batching Silo:
• 374 thru 606 BBL silo constructed of 3/16” steel plate with ¼” domed top.  837 thru 1,069 BBL similar with ¼” metal in 1st band. (All two compartment silos have 1/4” in each  band).
• Safety pressure relief valves.
• 4” diameter fill lines, inside silo per compartment.
• 8 aeration pads in each cone and filter regulator per compartment.
• Outside ladder and safety cage.
• Expanded metal service platform around batcher.
• Inspection hatches on top of silo.
• 10” butterfly valves on silo, with actuators and electric solenoid per compartment
• SOS-1020 silo cartridge vent per compartment. 
• Hi & low-level indicators per compartment.
• Manual emergency slide gate per compartment.
• Silo support structure constructed of steel “structural” beams 374-606 BBL = W8 x 31#, 837 BBL = W8 x 48# 1069BBL=w10x49 Based on 10c mph. wind/load. Consult factory for other models.

Overhead Aggregate Bin Section:
• Two clam gates on each compartment (when possible). Each gear type gate has six (6) ¾” teeth per gear. Each gate has permanently lubricated bronze bushings on each gear.
• Each gate has a 5” diameter air cylinder  with electric solenoid.
• Sloping sides of gate section fabricated of ¼” plate with remainder 3/16” vertical sides.
• Heap plates.
• Support structure constructed of steel “structural” beams.
• ¼” abrasive resistant steel (400 Brinnell) welded immediately above each gate (approximately 12” tall).
• Aggregate bins are rated at heaped capacity based on 100 lbs cu. ft.

Aggregate Batcher:
• 12 Yard capacity with 40,000 lb scale lever system.  One “s” type load cell (150’ of cable) with 0-10 VDC digital readout.
• 580 Cu. Ft. capacity at water level.
• Sloping sides fabricated of ¼” plate, 3/16” remainder.
• Two discharge openings in batcher with one (1) extra long double acting clamshell gate, under both openings.  
• Gear type gate with six (6) ¾” teeth per gear.  Gate has permanently lubricated bronze bushing.  Gate will be actuated by two 5” air cylinders, with flo-restricators mounted in solenoid, (NOTE:  If conveyor comes out the “wide side” the batcher will have only one discharge opening, one cylinder, and solenoid for gate.)
• Two turbine air vibrators.
• Filter, regulator, lubricator unit for solenoids and air cylinders.
• Hanger lugs for hanging test weights.



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