BinCom modules allow a SmartBob sensor to send data to the BinView web application to provide instant access to bin level data on any device with an Internet connection. A SmartPhone, tablet, or PC can be used to get timely, remote data access to all level measurements from local and corporate-wide locations. BinCom is used to manage the inventory of powders and solids in bins, tanks and silos either on premises, at other corporate locations, or a customer or vendor location miles away.

A battery-operated BinCom module is installed with each SmartBob sensor, either affixed to the SmartBob housing or installed close by. When the SmartBob sensor takes a measurement at its predetermined interval, the BinCom module “wakes up” and sends level data via a BinCom gateway over a secure Cellular data transfer network to BinView application software in the Cloud. The data is accessed by authorized users via the Internet via a SmartPhone, tablet, or PC using secure login credentials assigned by an administrator.

• Access inventory levels whenever and wherever you need them
• Get automated text or email alerts where vessels are ready to fill
• Data visibility and sharing for VMI (vendor managed inventory) programs
• Controlled access to data by individuals within your company or by your customers
• Saves time, energy, manpower, and enhances customer service
• Eliminates manual measurements, climbing, and improves employee safety
• Prevent out-of-stocks, reduce safety stocks and inventory carrying costs

• Monitoring inventory via a SmartPhone, tablet or PC connected to the Internet
• Used in conjunction with SmartBob sensors for remote monitoring of bin levels
• For all types of powders, granules and solids contained in bins, tanks and silos
• For a single bin or an entire network of bins at a single location or corporate wide
• Vendor managed inventory (VMI) data sharing with customers or vendors



N/A BinCom-100 CDMA Verizon gateway. Collects data from a BinCom-400 transceiver via LoRa 900 MHz communications. Transmits data to BinView data monitoring dashboards.


N/A BinMaster