The Fast-Way portable SI-LOW 206 and SI-LOW 210 are the fastest ways to hit the ground running. Designed to comply with legal height and width towing boundaries, the SI-LOW 206 and SI-LOW 210 can be towed with a one-ton pickup.

For the process of filling a fleet of volumetric trucks, the SI-LOW 206 or SI-LOW 210 is ready to perform as a portable fill station. The SI-LOW 206 stores 200 barrels of cement and discharges the cement with a 6" auger which produces 500 to 700 pounds per minute. The SI-LOW 210 also stores 200 barrels of cement, but has the advantage of increasing cement discharge with a 10" auger that produces 3,500 to 3,700 pounds per minute.


Silo Capacity

N/A 800 cu. ft. (200 barrel)


N/A 5 HP 240/480 VAC 3 Phase


N/A 6" diameter tubular

Dispensing Rate

N/A 500-700 lbs. per/min


N/A 18 bag collector with cone collection dropout

Discharge Height

N/A 12',13' & 14'


N/A Fast-Way