The Cleveland Vibrator's model EMF utilizes twin rotary electric vibrator drives which are available in four speeds for medium to heavy-duty applications. These drives all produce a linear motion that provides smooth, uniform, volumetric flow which is fully adjustable. Units are mounted horizontally, requiring no gravitational assistance for product conveying.  The continuous duty rated vibratory motors are the only moving parts, ensuring a lower cost of maintenance than other mechanically driven feeders.

Common Applications Include:
Controlling feed of bulk materials, parts or scrap from bins, hoppers and conveyors into production or melt down processes

Benefits of the EMF Electromechanical Feeder Include:
• Rugged and low maintenance design ensure low cost over long product life
• Improved production rates and product quality
• Faster, more streamlined production lines

Features and options of the EMF Electromechanical Feeder include:
• Isolators with support base limits noise levels
• Controls for vibration intensity, force and frequency
• Continuous duty, dust tight vibratory motors are constructed for long-life and easy maintenance and replacement
• Tray design options include dust-tight covers, sight ports or full enclosure available
• Product contact surface material options include stainless steel, UHMW plastic lining and water cooled heat exchangers



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