To meet the need for lab testing of new mix designs and for training in technical centers and universities, the Model MP75 is the elite of the industry. It is a fully functional planetary mixer with all the extra features normally required for application: raise/lower control for mixer top and mixing gear, tipping pan and electric heaters to control mix temperature. The manual control panel includes variable speed control for the mixing action. The mixer is set up for 480 volts 60 Hz. Yield is 1.9 cu. ft., 50 liters. This mixer can create and test mix designs that save you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in cement costs.

The model MP75LAB mixer has been modified for maximum convenience in lab use.

• Mixing mechanism and cover with power lift to allow access.
• Filling chute with dust cover.
• Tipping mechanism for raised mixing pan allows whole pan to rotate and discharge into wheelbarrow or trolley .
• Electric pan heaters and temperature sensors to control temperature of mix.
• Variable speed mixing motor.
• Safety guards on all moving parts
• Console type control system for all functions, including motor ammeter

The pan is first cleaned, checked and placed in the horizontal position. The mixing gear is then lowered into position and the test batch is charged through the top-loading chute. Mixing is started and speed controlled by the VFD control. Temperature is controlled with the sensor/heater on the base of the mixer pan. When mixing is complete, the mixing gear is fully raised, allowing the pan to be turned to its tipped position for discharge and cleaning.


Filling Capacity

N/A 0.1 cu. yd. / 2.7 cu. ft. / 75 liters / 365 lbs. / 120 kg

Compacted Yield

N/A 0.07 cu. yd. / 1.9 cu. ft. / 50 liters

Mixing Motor

N/A 3 HP / 2.2 KW

Lifting Motor

N/A 1 HP / 0.75 KW

Tipping Motor

N/A 1 HP / 0.75 KW

Main rotor speed

N/A 0-26 rpm, variable speed

Planetary rotor speed

N/A 0-64 rpm, variable speed


N/A 1000 W

Mixing Blades

N/A 3

Scraper blade

N/A 1

Weight lbs.

N/A 1840 lbs. / 835 kg


N/A Sicoma