The Cleveland Vibrator Company's Model EMS Electromechanical Screener Feeders with twin motor drives are designed for precise screening where high efficiency is required in the end particle size. Units are mounted horizontally, requiring no gravitational assistance.

Common Applications Include: Screening bulk materials, such as powders, plastic pellets, aggregate, or scrap metals


Benefits of the EMS Electromechanical Screener Include:
• Force output is fully adjustable
• For difficult-to-handle, light density, fluffy products, or where large screen openings are being used, lower frequency, higher amplitude drives may be substituted
• Drives and sight ports are dust-tight


Features and options of the EMS Electromechanical Screener include:
• Ball tray decks to reduce screen “plug” blinding
• Twin motor starter for manual on-off operation
• Drives can be mounted above, below, or to the side of the screening surface



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