The Crop-Protector™ Dashboard Manager is the software platform that provides a comprehensive overview of all grain storage and monitoring data. The home page of the Dashboard provides an at-a-glance summary of stored grain conditions and control data. Dependent on the configuration of the system, the Dashboard will show grain temperature, grain moisture, weather data, approximate grain level, volume and weight, aeration fan and roof exhaust fan off or on status, and spoilage indication from the CO2 sensor. More detail about each condition can be shown in detail by selecting from a sub-menu that includes options such as trend data, matrix view, inventory trend, alarm settings, fan status, and spoilage indication. The Crop-ProtectorTM Dashboard Manager is an easy-to-use tool that makes the lives of grain managers easy and safe.

Trend data
The trend data chart displays the highest and lowest temperature reading in each silo and the average temperature from all sensors.

Matrix view
The matrix view displays all of the temperatures for each sensor in each sensor cable, as well as a high (H) and low (L).



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