The COALESCER will remove oil as small as 0.01 micron and larger with 99.9998% efficiency. For applications where water and oil aerosols are a contaminate, use the ELIMINIZER COMBO. Install units in a vertical position with the drains pointing downward and the air flowing in the direction indicated by the arrow on the castings. Install unit as far from the compressor as possible and as close as possible to the place where the air is to be used. Always install the unit before the regulator. Do not attempt to service the unit with the air pressure in the bowls, always bleed the air from the unit prior to disassembly. Replace element at ±6 month intervals. Service the drain on a regular 3 month interval to ensure proper function and performance of the unit.

• Removes dirt and oil up to 0.01 micron
• Available in 1/4" NPT - 6" ASA (150#) flange sizes
• Available in 60-3000 scfm @ 100 PSI

Unit of Measure



N/A 1

Air Flow

N/A 90 scfm

Filtration Level

N/A 0.01 micron

ISO 8573 Performance Level

N/A Class 1 Particulate and Oil

Contamination Removed

N/A Particulate and Oil


N/A Reading Technologies, Inc. (RTI)