Railroad Carshakers have wedge bracket to fit railroad car’s female “dove-tail” bracket. Available in 3”. 

VIBCO Piston Vibrators provide high impact and efficient energy transfer to ensure a smooth flow of material through bins, chutes, weigh batchers and other bulk material applications. Ideal for heavy industry, mining, chemical plants, plastics, manufacturing, foundries and paper plants, VIBCO's Pneumatic Piston Vibrators are reliable, durable, and guaranteed to perform.

VIBCO is the only vibrator manufacturer that offers One-Piece design and All-Steel models of flange-mounted piston vibrators in standard and silent models. VIBCO's Silent Piston Vibrators are air-cushioned to minimize noise while still providing the necessary force. All VIBCO Piston Vibrators require lubricated air.


Speed at 40 psi

N/A 2700 vpm

Air Consumption at 40 psi

N/A 18 cfm

Speed at 60 psi

N/A 3200 vpm

Air Consumption at 60 psi

N/A 25 cfm

Speed at 80 psi

N/A 3800 vpm

Air Consumption at 80 psi

N/A 30 cfm

Max lbs. Material in Bin

N/A 10,000-30,000 lbs

Recommended Accessories

N/A 11224 - Female Railcar Wedge
46124 - Filter/Regulator 1/2"
NPT55SVR11 - Lubricator 1/2 Inch


N/A Vibco