The weather station provides fast, reliable information about the ambient temperature and air moisture conditions used for efficient aeration control. This information is integrated with the complex Automatic Aeration Control software that turns aeration fans on or off to optimize the moisture content of grain. Weather conditions such as rain starting or stopping, near freezing temperatures, sunrise, and sunset conditions are influential in determining when aeration should be applied. These conditions, along with ambient humidity relative to the moisture in stored grain, determine when and for how long aeration should be used to maximize the value of grain for market. The weather station is designed for long-lasting durability and is suitable for harsh conditions such as long, cold winters, hot tropical or desert-like conditions.

• Highly accurate, ambient weather information used for aeration control
• Connects to Automatic Aeration Control software to optimize grain moisture content
• Durable, long-lasting construction designed for minimal maintenance
• Suitable for cold winters, hot summers, and tropical or desert climates
• Remote access to weather conditions from Crop-Protector™ Manager software

• Power: Via Master-Hub
• Communication: Data-bus to Master Hub
• Relative Humidity Measurement Range: 2 to 99% rH, non-condensing
• Temperature Measurement Range: -22°F to 158°F (-30°C to +70°C)
• Weather Shields: Sun, rain and snow protection

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