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Junction Boxes and Hardware

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1200 Series Totalcomp Junction Box image

conduit adapter vishay j box image

corrosion proof strain reliefs j box image

Signal Trim Summing Junction Box Model 1200


Conduit Adapter

Corrosion Proof Strain Reliefs

CSB totalcomp j box image

GSJB4 general sensor j box image

hole plug nassor j box parts image

Compact Summing Junction Box Model CSB


General Sensor Compact Summing Junction Box Model GS-JB-4


Hole Plug


J box with summing card image

SJC4 card only with trim j box image

strain reliefs j box parts image

J Box With Summing Card and with Excitation Trim


Excitation Trim Model SJC-4 Card Only Junction Box

Strain Relief Junction Box Parts


summing card cambridge j box image

surge protection j box image

TJB61 totalcomp jbox image

Summing Card for Floor Scales

Surge Protection Spare Parts

Summing box with Card Model TJB61