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Scales, Load Cells and Digital Weighing Indicators

We offer a wide variety of load cells which are an essential component of hanging scales, cement scales, aggregate scales, belt scales, truck scales, railroad track scales, and many other weighing systems.  Our products include Belt Scales, Truck Scales, and Scale Kits; Strain Gauge Load Cells including Beam Load Cells, S-Beam (S-Type) Load Cells, Double-ended Beam Load Cells, Single-Ended Beam Load Cells, Canister Load Cells, Tank Beam Load Cells, Truck Beam Load Cells, Compression Cells, Heavy Capacity Shear Beam Cells, Low to Mid Capacity Shear Beam Cells, Single Point Cells, Stainless Steel Single Point Cells, Bellows Type Cells, Tension Cells; Digital Weighing Indicators and Remote Displays; Cable Parts including Connector Cables, Splicing Kits, and Conductor Cables; Junction Boxes and Hardware including Signal Trim Summing Junction Boxes, Compact Summing Junction Boxes, General Sensor Compact Summing Junction Boxes, Excitation Trim Junction Box, Strain Relief Junction Box, Conduit Adaptor, Corrosion Proof Strain Reliefs, Summing Card for Floor Scales, and Surge Protection; Remote Displays including Digital, high intensity LED, harsh environment enclosures, and multiple configuration options; Mounting Assemblies and other Accessories.

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MAS-LC Series Stationary Livestock Scale

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