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Item # 730-0538, eBob Version 5.3 Viewer Software (Windows)

BINVENTORY™ is the new name for eBob™ Inventory Management Software. The advanced software platform is now not only compatible with SmartBob, but also a wide variety of BinMaster continuous level sensors or just about any sensor using the Modbus RTU protocol. Plus, BINVENTORY™ is a complete solution for managing the inventory of either solids or liquids contained in bins, tanks, or silos.

You need to real-time inventory data. The software sends data from your level sensors to a personal computer connected to your LAN, WAN, or VPN, which ensures it is secure. It collects data from up to 256 vessels and sends automated high and low level alerts, visualizes vessel levels, and generates usage reports. The multi-site feature supports any number of sites and vessels across the company regardless of location, so long as they are accessible via the company’s private network.

This powerful software works with a wide variety of sensors including the 3DLevelScanner, SmartBob cable-based sensors, ultrasonic, magnetostrictive, and pressure transducers used for level measurement. You can configure vessels of various shapes and sizes, including horizontal tanks, split silos, and non-linear tanks that can be difficult to configure and monitor. A simple wizard that contains drawings of each vessel type is easy to setup to ensure accurate results. For spot-on accuracy, bulk density properties and strapping tables can be entered for vessels containing solids, while specific gravity is entered for liquid tanks.

BINVENTORY™ software helps you effectively manage inventory levels without having to manually inspect and measure each vessel, saving valuable time while optimizing inventory turns and storage capacity. It is easy to use and requires no special training or support. Say goodbye to “making rounds” to obtain manual readings, while keeping your staff safe from climbing silos. BINVENTORY™ is a highly affordable inventory tracking system for any size operation.

• Works with a wide variety of sensors including the 3DLeveScanner, SmartBob cable-based sensors, ultrasonic, magnetostrictive, and pressure transducers
• Windows XP Pro, Vista Business and Windows 7 compatible – simple setup and operation
• View data for an individual vessel, a select group of vessels, or all vessels
• Activate instant readings or program automatic measurements
• Set programmable alarms for high / low levels or “time to replenish”
• Automated email for alarm notifications; email detailed bin inventories at scheduled times
• Network and wireless options available for sensor communications
• Simple wizard containing drawings of each tank type is easy to set up
• Easy to add bulk density or specific gravity properties to customize the software for your operation


• Dedicated PC functions as eBob host/controller PC connected to SmartBob2 sensors using RS-485 communications or wireless modems
• Host/controller PC is connected to  LAN, WAN or VPN
• Measurement history and system parameters stored in SQL database, either locally on the host PC or corporate server.
• Viewer software can be installed on other PCs on the network

• Level measurement using a wide variety of sensors including the 3DLeveScanner, SmartBob cable-based sensors, ultrasonic, magnetostrictive, and pressure transducers
• Monitoring up to 256 vessels without manually checking levels
• Optimizing inventory and vessel levels for maximum storage capacity
• Sharing information with managers or vendors at multiple locations



eBob Version 5.3 Viewer Software (Windows)


Binventory Client Viewer software allows multiple-user updating through a GUI front end to a shared SQL database. One Binventory client software package is required per site where the Binventory server software is running. The Binventory client software can be installed on up to five PCs.




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