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Aluminum V-Plow Tertiary Conveyor Belt Cleaner

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Keep rocks, fines, clumps and other debris off your belt and away from your tail pulley with the Argonics Aluminum V-Plow. This plow is equipped with our best Kryptane® urethane side blades and an angled front nose plow.

The Aluminum plow is designed for systems that need protection but at an affordable price. It clears debris while floating on the belt and will self-adjust as it wears.

The Aluminum V-Plow is designed to be lightweight yet durable, with a .375” (9.5 mm) thick, 2” x 2” (50.8 mm x 50.8 mm) aluminum angle iron frame.

• Equipped with Kryptane® G83 polyurethane blades that are easily replaceable and provide 3” (76 mm) of wear before needing service
• No hoses, cables, shocks or mud-packed components to deal with
• Aluminum V-Plow comes disassembled in a box, allowing for reduced shipping costs
• Wear travel limit mounting brackets
• Comes standard with safety chains



Aluminum V-Plow Brochure
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Weight (lbs.)

CP-EAP-A24M-G83 Tertiary belt cleaner 26.00 7.25 3.25 28.00
CP-EAP-A30M-G83 Tertiary belt cleaner 32.00 15.56 7.38 32.00
CP-EAP-A36M-G83 Tertiary belt cleaner 38.00 15.56 7.38 35.00
CP-EAP-A42M-G83 Tertiary belt cleaner 44.00 23.88 11.54 39.00
CP-EAP-A48M-G83 Tertiary belt cleaner 50.00 23.88 11.54 42.50
CP-EAP-A60M-G83 Tertiary belt cleaner 62.00 32.19 15.69 49.50
CP-EAP-A72M-G83 Tertiary belt cleaner 74.00 40.50 19.84 57.00
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