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Isomax Directional Control Valves Electrical Connectors

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The ISOMAX range of directional control valves complies with ISO 15407-1 and VDMA 24563 for sizes 02 and 01 and ISO 5599-1 for sizes 1, 2 and 3. ISOMAX provides flows from 0.55 Cv to 4.15 Cv.

The ISOMAX range includes valves for pneumatic and electrical actuation with a wide choice of subbases and manifolds to suit different application needs.

All ISOMAX products use high-tech ceramic switching technology providing:

• Excellent reliability– Long life in excess of 100 million operations
• Operates with lubricated or non-lubricated air
• Low sensitivity to air quality changes
• High performance– Slide valve concept allows high flow / size ratio and short response time due to short slide stroke and low friction
• Stable long lasting performances– Low friction switching: minimum wear of the valve member / seal assembly
• Valves fitted with switchable selector to give internal or external pilot supply
• Corrosion free and modern design
• Vacuum operation
• Dual pressure



Isomax DX Solenoid Valves
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PS2028BP Female Electrical Connectors (IP65 Rated)
PS203279BP Female Electrical Connectors (IP65 Rated)
PS203283BP-120 Female Electrical Connectors (IP65 Rated)
PS203283BP-240 Female Electrical Connectors (IP65 Rated)
PS2028JBP Female Electrical Connectors (IP65 Rated)
PS2032J79BP Female Electrical Connectors (IP65 Rated)
PS2032J83BP Female Electrical Connectors (IP65 Rated)
PS2EV13SJ Solenoid Replacements
PS2EV133M Solenoid Replacements
EV30J1200 CNOMO Air Pilot to Solenoid Conversion Kit
EV30J3200 CNOMO Air Pilot to Solenoid Conversion Kit
EV30M1200 CNOMO Air Pilot to Solenoid Conversion Kit
EV30M3200 CNOMO Air Pilot to Solenoid Conversion Kit
E 850B0 B08M-003 M12 Connector
E 850B0 B08M-006 M12 Connector
E 850B0 B08M-010 M12 Connector
E 850B0 B08M-015 M12 Connector
E 850B0 B08M-020 M12 Connector
E 850B0 B08M-030 M12 Connector
E 850B0 B08M-050 M12 Connector
E 850B2 B08M-003 M12 Connector
E 850B2 B08M-006 M12 Connector
E 850B2 B08M-010 M12 Connector
E 850B2 B08M-015 M12 Connector
E 850B2 B08M-020 M12 Connector
E 850B2 B08M-030 M12 Connector
E 850B2 B08M-050 M12 Connector
PS203283BP Solenoid Indicator Light
  Results 1 - 28 of 28 1