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Muddog SlurrySep™

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SlurrySep is a reactive separating agent removing emulsified oil's heavy metals phosphates and suspended concrete solids from wastewater through flocculation, precipitation, and pH adjustment. Unlike conventional wastewater treatment systems that require multiple chemical additions to help the process, SlurrySep is applied in a single application.  SlurrySep proprietary blend of separating agents activate and react in a predetermined sequence to effectively remove wastewater contaminants.

SlurrySep is composed of minerals, inorganic and organic acids and bases and catatonic polymers. SlurrySep is produced in 30 different powder formulations for various wastewater applications.  Seven of the formulations are also available in granular form.

Wastewater treatment with SlurrySep takes only minutes, yet several complex chemical reactions occur. First, the acidic component of the SlurrySep causes oily contaminants to coalesce and separate from the wastewater. Next, the polarimetric catatonic portion of the formulation attracks any remaining oils and larger more highly charged anions.  Finally, the basic component activates, precipitating metallic hydroxides and driving the system to a fully flocculated condition where the catatonic polymer molecules metallic ions and positively charged contaminants are attracted to the SlurrySep clay particles. Heavy-metal cations remain in the solution will exchange with the sodium on the clay and will bond to the clay platelets by electrostatic forces.  The polar reactive mass is a complex mixture of encapsulated contaminants and waste solids held together by Van der Waals weak forces, as well as electrostatic strong forces. The clay particles agglomerate, entrapping and surrounding suspended solids completely. Pozzolanic reaction also occurs forming cementitious particles which settled to the bottom of the vessel. The entire microencapsulation process is complete in just minutes, leaving clear and in most cases so sewer ready water. 

At this point the flocculated and solidified waste sludge is often non-leachable. Contaminants are surrounded by a barrier of clay particles and Unavailable to external leaching fluids. TCLP test results typically confirm that the treatment process is permanently isolated the contaminants in a non-leachable form.

SlurrySep products are Packaged in 50 pound water resistant bags which are palletized and stretchwrap.

Features & Benefits:
• Replaces high collection, handling, hauling and disposal costs
• Protects from environmental fines
• Rapid separation of suspended concrete fines in water allowing recycling of water or compliant disposal

Industries Served:
• Ready-Mix & Precast
• Pre-Stressed Concrete Washout
• Highway & Airport Grinding
• Concrete Sawing & Drilling
• Stone, Granite & Brick Veneer
• Hydro Demolition

How It Works

1. Chemical components of the SlurrySep adjust the pH of the water which enhances the precipitation of metals and breaks
oil emulsions.

2. Bentonite clay particles attract and encapsulate precipitated metallic ions.

3. The polymeric portion of the formulation attracts remaining oils and suspended solids and forms a floc, which settles to
the bottom of the treatment vessel.

4. The bentonite clay and polymer work together to create a strong filterable floc, which will encapsulate and contain heavy
metals while allowing the floc to readily release water resulting in a condensed thickened sludge like material.

5. The entire process is completed in just a few minutes, resulting in clear water that can be discharged directly to a POTW
or recycled.

6. The remaining sludge and its encapsulated contaminants are highly resistant to leaching and is prepared to be solidified
for compliant landfill disposal.

You may add Muddog SlurryDry™ to the remaining thickened sludge material to dehydrate the remaining moisture and
creating a safe material for standard disposal that meets the requirements for the EPA 9095B Paint Filter Test for adequate
moisture levels. SlurryDry’s main ingredient is EPA compliant as an acceptable non-biodegradable sorbent. SlurryDry adds
further encapsulation of contaminants and is highly resistant to leaching providing a cost effective method of safe disposal.

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·  SlurryDry and SlurrySep


Muddog SlurrySep Brochure
(PDF, 554KB)

SlurrySep - Case Study
(PDF, 1418KB)

SlurrySep Safety Data Sheet
(PDF, 106KB)

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Formulation #

Particle Type

Bulk Density (lbs./ft³)

pH (1% dispersion)

Package Size

MudDog SlurrySep™ HPH1 Granular 65 ± 2 2.5 - 3.5 50 lb bag or 24 lb case
MudDog SlurrySep™ HPH2 Granular 65 ± 2 2.5 - 4.0 50 lb bag or 24 lb case
MudDog SlurrySep™ LPH1 Semi-Granular 70 ± 2 2.5 - 4.5 50 lb bag or 24 lb case
MudDog SlurrySep™ LPH2 Granular 70 ± 2 3.0 - 4.0 50 lb bag or 24 lb case
MudDog SlurrySep™ LPH3 Granular 70 ± 2 3.0 - 4.0 50 lb bag or 24 lb case
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