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Air-Cooled Water Chiller Systems for Concrete Production

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Pearson Air-Cooled Water Chiller Systems are available as both stationary and mobile units with capacities from 200 to 6000 yards per day. These chillers are able to save as much as 95% per yard of concrete, for dramatically reduced production costs.

• Compact, horizontal construction requires less space
• Cooling cost with a Pearson Air-Cooled Chiller as compared to ice will be substantially less, ranging from $0.08 to $0.18 (varies by region) 
• Diagnostic digital display and control module
• Ultra quiet operation
• Highest available operation efficiency, with full load EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) up to 10.2
• Field serviceable, multi-scroll, fully hermetic compressors are maintenance-free with auto-adaptive control to minimize wear, w/ internal/external vibration isolation
• Chilled water circulating pump with electric starter
• State-of-the-art heat exchanger maximizes cooling
• Available as 230 volt or 460 volt, 3ph power
• All PH models are available as portable units
• Elimination of labor costs to handle ice
• Ability to control water volume
• A more consistent product means a satisfied customer



·  PH 3240 Water Chiller Image

·  PH 630 water chiller image


Pearson Air-Cooled Water Chiller Systems Brochure
(PDF, 1112KB)

Pearson Full Line Brochure
(PDF, 2843KB)

VIDEO - Pearson Heating Systems

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Item #

Capacity/Yds Per Day at 85°F 25 gal/yd

PH-250 200
PH-360 300
PH-420 400
PH-570 500
PH-630 600
PH-710 700
PH-900 800
PH-980 900
PH-1120 1000
PH-1230 1200
PH-1400 1300
PH-1500 1400
PH-1920 High Capacity Model
PH-2200 High Capacity Model
PH-2480 High Capacity Model
PH-2640 High Capacity Model
PH-3000 High Capacity Model
PH-3240 High Capacity Model
PH-3490 High Capacity Model
PH-3740 High Capacity Model
PH-4340 High Capacity Model
PH-4580 High Capacity Model
PH-4830 High Capacity Model
PH-5310 High Capacity Model
  Results 1 - 24 of 24 1