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Inspection Doors HD

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Available in mild steel or stainless steel,
Martin® Inspection Doors HD provide quick and easy access to belt cleaners and other components inside chutes and enclosures for inspection or service.

Dust-Tight Seal

Rubber seal is protected by a steel channel and pre-vents material escape.

Built for Tough Conditions

Steel door withstands typical positive and negative pres-sure applications.

Simple Installation

Door can be bolted or welded to enclosure wall. Bolt hole pattern matches Martin® Inspection Doors.

Available with Wear Liner

Door can be ordered with AR400 or AR500 wear liner welded to the inside.

“Low-Profile” Design

Door height of 2.94 inches (75 mm) with handle in latched position.

Lockable Latch

All doors come standard with a lockable latch.

Matches Your Application

Six sizes available, from 9 X 12 to 24 X 24 inches (229 X 305 to 610 X 610 mm). Custom sizes are not available.



Inspection Doors HD Data Sheet
(PDF, 498KB)

Inspection Door Installation Manual
(PDF, 2139KB)

Superior Conveyor Accessories Catalog
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CYAHD-0912 11.26 14.39 7.31 10.44 2.56
CYAHD-1214 11.26 16.26 10.25 12.31 2.56
CYAHD-1218 14.20 20.26 10.25 16.31 2.56
CYAHD-1818 20.26 20.26 16.31 16.31 2.56
CYAHD-1824 20.26 26.20 16.31 22.25 4.56
CYAHD-2424 25.94 25.94 22.00 22.00 4.56
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