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Series 63 Namur Mount High Flow Solenoid Valves - Single Coil DIN 43650

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These units can be used with either spring return or double acting actuators where on/off electrical operation is required. Units have 1/2” NPT conduit connections and IP65 DIN units have cable gland PG9 connectors, also available with 1/2” NPT conduit adapters. The coils are UL recognized and CSA certified. All Series 63 solenoids carry the CE mark.

• Compact
• Modular
• Pilot Operated
• Spool Control Valve
• Convertible From 3-way (3/2) to 4-way (5/2)
• Spring Return or Double Acting

• Connections: NPT and IP65 DIN connections offered with both single and dual coils
• Explosion Proof: NEMA 7, 9
• Waterproof: NEMA 4, 4X
• Pneumatic Ports: 1/4" NPT
• Electrical Connections: NEMA Housings: 1/2" NPT
• DIN Housing: Cable Gland PG9
• Temperature Range:
• Operating Speed: 10 cycles per minute - with more if needed
• Duty Cycle: Continuous
• NEMA Housings

• Stainless Steel housings
• Low-powered units
• Intrinsically safe units
• BUS solenoids are available for DeviceNet and Profibus-PA protocols
• AS-I Interface solenoids with IP65 DIN/PG9 cable gland connectors are available
• All direct mount to Bray pneumatic actuators.
• Speed controls that allow independent control of speed in both directions


Series 63 Solenoid Valves Data Sheet
(PDF, 3058KB)

Pneumatic Actuators Catalog
(PDF, 3339KB)

Series 92/93 Pneumatic Actuators Manual
(PDF, 3553KB)

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63-0250-21520-536 120 VAC; DIN Type "I" Connection
63-0250-21522-536 240 VAC; DIN Type "I" Connection
63-0250-21524-536 24 VDC; DIN Type "I" Connection
63-0250-21525-536 24 VAC; DIN Type "I" Connection
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