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SILOTOP Silo Venting Filter

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SILOTOP® is a cylindrically shaped dust collector for venting of pneumatically filled silos. The stainless steel body contains vertically mounted, POLYPLEAT® filter elements. The air jet cleaning system is integrated in the hinged weather protection cover.

Dust separated from the air flow by special POLYPLEAT® filter elements drops back into the silo after an integrated automatic reverse air jet cleaning system inside the weather protection cover has removed it from the filter elements.

Performance and Technical Features:
• Compact 800mm (30 in) diameter 304 stainless steel body with bottom flange
• 24.5m2 (264 sq ft) filter surface
• Maintenance height = 1,145mm (3.75 ft)
• High filtration efficiency due to POLYPLEAT® filtering elements
• Low dust emission level due to B.I.A.-certified filter media
• Maintenance-free air jet cleaning unit integrated inside weather protection cover
• High cleaning efficiency due to "Full-Immersion" solenoid valves incorporated in corrosion-resistant aluminium air tank for minimum maintenance operation
• Safe 304 stainless steel weather protection cover with lockable snap hook
• No tools required for filtering element removal
• Weatherproof finish
• Robust design
• Perfectly accessible due to compact design
• Complete replacement of filter media by only one person within a few minutes
• Standard fitting of condensation release valve on air reservoir
•Reduced flow resistance and prevention of rust due to special 304 stainless steel air distributors



SILOTOP R03 Brochure
(PDF, 272KB)

SILOTOP R01 Series Maintenance Manual
(PDF, 1785KB)

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Body Size

Max. Height When Closed

Max. Height When Open

Weight lbs.

R01 Series 31.5 inches N/A N/A 225
R03 Series 30 inches 43" 73" 175
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