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Particulate Monitor

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The BM-30 LGX is a particulate monitoring device designed for general process and environmental monitoring. This particulate monitoring system consists of a control unit, a particulate sensor and a sensor coaxial cable. Applications for the BM3-LGX include continuous emissions monitoring, baghouse filter leak detection and process particulate flow monitoring. It detects many types of particulate including solid particulates such as dusts, powders, granulars and pellets as well as liquid particulates such as mists. Particulate monitoring helps a company meet regulatory requirements by detecting leaks before emissions are visible, and prevents the escape of valuable powders while providing a cleaner, safer workplace.

The BM-30 LGX employs a highly reliable technology based on induction. A sensor probe is mounted in an airflow stream such as a pipe, duct or stack. As particulate flows near and over the sensing element, minute electrical currents are induced in the sensor and transferred to the control unit by a coaxial cable. A microprocessor filters and processes the signal into a normalized, absolute output that is linear to the mass concentration of particulate. The BM-30 LGX is CE conformant, CSA certified and complies with EN 61010, safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use.

The control unit – which includes the electronics – is housed in a rugged, cast aluminum enclosure. An LCD displays particulate levels in bar-graph and digital forms. A lockable membrane keypad is provided for setup and adjustment of parameters. Various relay, analog inputs and outputs, as well as serial communications are available in the control unit. The particulate sensor is very durable and virtually maintenance-free. The sensor is passive with no active circuits, to ensure high reliability and durability. It does not require special alignment and is not affected by normal vibration. The cable that connects the particulate sensor to the control unit is a high-quality coaxial cable specifically designed for the BM-30 LGX system. The maximum cable length is 300 feet/91 meters making it ideal for a wide variety of installations.


• Complies with US and International EPA regulations
• Simple absolute output correlates to mg/m³ or gr/cf
• Performs in tough applications (kilns, smelters, carbon black)
• Prevents the escape of valuable materials
• Convenient split-architecture design
• Repeatable in all applications
• Large LED display provides both logarithmic analog bar graph and an absolute digital readout
• Log scale enables observation of baseline and peaks

•Power Requirements: 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz, or 24 VDC
• Output Relay: Two SPDT, 5A at 240 VAC
• Ranging: Log or linear
• Resolution: 5.0 pA
• Operating Temp Sensor: Standard 250°F (120°C); optional 450°F (232°C)
• Operating Temp Console: -13°F to +160°F (-25°C to + 70°C)
• Pressure: Standard 10 PSI; optional 100 PSI
• Approvals & Certifications: Standard Ordinary/General Purpose; optional Class I, II & III, Div I & II (Intrinsically Safe-CSA)
• Housing Enclosure: Cast aluminum enclosure NEMA 4X
• Mounting: 1/2” NPT standard; optional ANSI flange & quick-clamp
• Sensor Cable: 300’ maximum length, 450°F (232°C) maximum temp

• Reliable dust collector emissions monitor and leak detector
• Designed for general maintenance planning and process protection applications for baghouses, cartridge filters, bin vents and cyclones
• Used in metals, chemicals, fly ash, plastics, pharmaceuticals, food, utilities, mining, pulp, paper and many more applications


BM-30 Particulate Monitor Brochure
(PDF, 1466KB)

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730-5161 Particulate Monitor Control Unit, 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Two SPST Relay Outputs, NEMA 4X Aluminum Enclosure
730-5170 Particulate Monitor Control Unit, 24 VDC, 50/60 Hz, Two SPST Relay Outputs, NEMA 4X Aluminum Enclosure
730-5049 Particulate monitor control unit, 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, two SPST relay outputs, NEMA 4X
730-5050 Particulate monitor control unit, 24 VDC, 50/60 Hz, two SPST relay outputs, NEMA 4X aluminum
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1