If you’re looking for a quality multi-sealing conveyor skirting solution that isn’t hard on your budget, look no further: Fold-n-Seal is your answer.

Fold-n-Seal gives you the best of both worlds: material and dust containment in one unique solution. The primary seal keeps the material where it should be – on the belt. The secondary seal keeps dust and particulate material under control. Fold-n-Seal works with 0°, 20°, 35° and 45° trough angles.

Made with Argonics’ high performance Kryptane polyurethane, Fold-n-Seal will outlast rubber dual seals an average of five-to-one. Fold-n-Seal is available wih Argonics’ easy-to-use Wedge-Loc clamping system and is designed to work with almost all existing skirtboard clamping systems on the market.



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