The SMICO DH2 vibratory screener is a two bearing declined screener which is the standard of the SMICO line.  That's because it is highly adaptable and can be designed to suit a large variety of screening and feeding applications.  It was previously used for very tough liquid/solids separations and now has been fully engineered to provide an extremely durable unit for aggregates, industrial ingredients and just about any other high volume application requiring reliable screening.

Here's how the DH2 Vibratory Screen works:  The top or centroid mounted, brute force drive uses dependable grease lubricated bearings which are sealed on both sides to prevent contamination. The drive can be easily set to provide a uniform circle or elliptical action, long or short stroke  and low or high speed to best handle your screening requirements.  Isolation springs are provided on a wide flange beam skid base.  Drive components and enclosed guards are standard.  A four bearing model aggregate separator is also available.

Basic Features:
• Rugged:  Industry Leading, Heavy Duty Design is Standard.
• Flexible: Operating Variable are Easily and Quickly Adjustable
• Smooth:  Low Vibration Transfer to Surrounding Structure.
• Dependable:  Low Maintenance Drive Design
• Efficient: Up to 5 G's of Acceleration & Speeds up to 1750 RPM
• Versitle:  Huge Degree of Options and Customization Available

More Options:
• Ball Decks
• High Temp Kits
• Deck Heaters
• Deck Selectors
• Cable Hang Kit
• Accepts Many Media Types
• Food Grade Construction
• Polyurethane Decks
• Wear Liners
• Spray Bars
• Oil Bath Drive
• Aspiration
• Stainless Construction
• Custom Discharge, Intake, Structure, etc.

Available Sizes:
• Width:  From 18in. to 8ft
• Length: From 2ft. to 24ft.
• Decks:  Up to Five Decks are Possible in Some Cases.

Successful Applications:
• Aggregates
• Minerals
• Bulk Powders
• Wood
• Food Products
• Ceramics
• Pellets