The Fractionator Sieve Shaker is trusted by some of the most prestigious labs to meet the standards of even the most exacting local, state and federal governments and regulatory bodies. What makes the Fractionator unique is that it provides “real world” lab results when running tests on samples.  This is unusual when compared with standard test sieve products which give exact measurements which cannot be duplicated in the field without absolutely perfect production conditions.

The Fractionator Processes up to 25 Gallons of Product and Dispenses up to 6 Individual Fractions in 30 Seconds!

In addition to its real world results, the Fractionator also offers its users great efficiency through its low operating costs and labor-saving processing capabilities.  Unlike standard test sieves the Fractionator discharges its load without the use of trays making it very user friendly and very easy to work with!  It is ideal for labs testing products ranging from aggregates like sand and stone to other materials such as ore, slag and other minerals.

Basic Features:
• Individual Discharge Chutes
• Bottom Discharge Pan for Fines
• Decks Slide in Easily
• Made of Heavy Carbon Steel
• Drive System has Adjustable Stroke
• 60mm Grease Lub Bearings
• 1 HP, TEFC, 1750 RPM, 60Hz Motor
• Compatible with a Range of Screen Sizes

• Casters
• Bucket Holder Dump Assist
• Adjustable Angle Base Frame
• RCN Intake/Discharge Sleeves
• NEMA 1 Electronic Controls with VFD
• Martin or Equivalent Vibrating Motors
• Additional Screen Frames
• Epoxy Paint

Available Sizes:
• Fractionator:  1 foot wide x 3 feet long
• Super Fractionator:  2 feet wide x 4 feet long

*Both are available with your choice of 4 or 6 discharge spouts.

Successful Applications:
• Sand
• Rock
• Iron Ore
• Minerals