The Vibroset Vibrating Shaker makes a perfect scalping screen for asphalt, rock, grain processing and a wide variety of industrial processes.  It combines rugged construction with a light-duty price and tons of optional equipment making it one of the best shaker values on the planet!  The Vibroset is rated for feed rates up to 15 TPH.  Demanding users can upgrade to a DH2 drive for even greater performance!

The Vibroset Vibrating Shaker Makes a Great Scalping Screen!

Here's how the Vibroset works: This vibratory shaker is a two bearing screen with a centroidally mounted drive. It features a positive eccentric action for smoother operation, meaning less vibration transmission.  The Vibroset vibrating separator also utilizes sealed-for-life bearings.  With the many standard alternatives and options available, this machine can be custom fit to the screening application as well as your installation area.

Basic Features:
• Quality:  Exceptional Build Quality.
• Flexible: Variable Drive Types and Placement
• Smooth:  Coil Spring or Lord Mount Isolation
• Dependable:  Sealed for Life Bearings are maintenance friendly.
• Efficient: Powerful Motion Handles Even Tough Applications.
• Versatile:  Huge Degree of Options and Customization Available

More Options:
• Ball Decks
• High Temp Kits
• Deck Heaters
• Deck Selectors
• Cable Hang Kit
• Accepts Many Media Types
• Polyurethane Decks
• Wear Liners
• Spray Bars
• DH2 Drive Upgrade
• Aspiration
• Custom Discharge, Intake, Structure, etc.

Available Sizes:
• Width 12 in - 3 ft
• Length :  36 in - 7 ft
• Up to Four Screen Decks are Possible

Successful Applications:
• Asphalt
• Corn
• Grain
• Rock
• Salt
• Rubber
• Lead Shot
• Sand
• Metal Flakes
• Rock