If you're looking for dewatering equipment look no further.  The V-Screen is perfect for applications requiring highly efficient sizing and dewatering of fine products.  The V-Screen utilizes a combination of rotation and vibration to generate centrifugal force more than five times the force of gravity.

The V-Screen is Perfect for Your Dewatering Screen Application

A special configuration can be utilized which allows the V-Screen to become a highly efficient dewatering screener that handles separations from 2 mesh and below.  It can be configured with spray  bars for washing and either a single or double cone, discharge hopper.  For liquid/solid separations and drilling mud dewatering applications SMICO recommends our shale shaker.

The V-Screen Explained:
The V-Screen Rotary Separator quickly accomplishes its work in six extremely efficient steps:
1. Material is introduced via the usual methods at the top onto a vaned distribution plate which rotates and feeds the drum.
2. Centrifugal force created by the smooth rotation of the drum then distributes the feed material evenly along the top of the screen.
3.The feed material is introduced to the screen media at five times the force of gravity and subjected to 1,000 pulsations per minute.
4. The feed material is accurately sized, striking the screen surface up to 50% more often than conventional screening methods.
5. Both overs and unders material are sent to a v-shaped collection hopper under the screen area.
6. Separated material is quickly evacuated on a downward spiral path out the base of the V-Screen Rotary Separator.

Dewatering Screener Basic Features:
• Efficient Wet Processing
• Quick Change Screen Design
• Variable Drum Rotation Speed
• Low Energy Requirements
• Optional Replaceable Wear Liners
•Dependable, Quality Construction
• Long Screen Life
• Enclosed Drive Design
• Optional Spray Bars
• Accommodates Different Screen Media

Available Sizes:
36" Diameter Tube by 6 Feet Long, Total Dimensions are 67" Sq. by 112" Tall.

V-Screen Successful Applications:
• Sand
• Clay
• Iron Ore
• Slag
• Lamp-Rock, Roofing Granules
• Ag-Lime
• Potash