Automated Clamp Rail System from SmicoSymons

The patented hydraulically-operated opening and closing system for screen boxes brings to the industry a faster, safer way to change out screen media and can reduce change out time on three decks from 8-12 hours to as little as 3-5 hours.

With the push of a button, clamp rails on all or selected decks will hydraulically open. Once replacement media is in place, clamp rails automatically close simultaneously while applying and maintaining just the right amount of tension evenly on all decks.

Impacts Your Operation 4 Ways:
• Increases production time as clamp rails open and close instantly – no more back-breaking, blind-sided dual cranking on bolts from both sides.
• Improves safety by replacing the injury-prone and dangerous method today of changing tensioned screen media with a hydraulic process.
• Reduces premature breakage and out-of-spec product with proper, even tensioned screens.
• Achieves greater product flexibility with the simplicity of changing screen media so quickly.
• Maintenance time is greatly reduced.