Technical Specifications:

• FDA Food Grade & MSHA Accepted
• Exclusive Profile reduces your yearly belt cleaning costs
• Super-effective cleaning at an affordable price
• Non-destructive design extends the life of all conveyor components
• Design allows greater full-blade contact, while easily deflecting belt splices
• No adaptation necessary - direct retrofit
• Removes excessive carryback while reducing belt wear
• Reduces clean-up costs and creates a cleaner, safer work environment.
• High performance, long wearing Kryptane Polyurethane
• Heavy duty extruded aluminum insert
• Several formulations are available to fit your specific applications
• Single pin - no tool fast blade change

Argonics replacement blades can be used with the following belt cleaners:

ARCH Environmental Equipment, Inc.
Gordon Saber® Mini Blade (Raptor MGS™)
Gordon Saber® Primary Blade (Raptor GS™)
Gordon “SCM” Channel Mount Blade (Raptor GSC™)
Gordon NU System Blade (Raptor GNU™)

ASGCO Manufacturing, Inc.
Mini-Skalper (Raptor AGM™)
Skalper I® Blade (Raptor AGC™)
Skalper II®
Skalper IV® Blade (Raptor AG2™)

Classic Conveyor Components Corporation
Head Shed™ MD Primary Belt Cleaner (Raptor CMS™)
Head Shed™ HD Primary Belt Cleaner (AccuFlo CHS™)

J&H Equipment
BeltMaster™ Primary Belt Cleaner (Raptor JHB™)

Martin Engineering
QC® #1 Low Profile Single Notch Blade (Raptor MLP™)
QC® #1 Low Profile Double Notch Blade (Raptor MDL™)
QC® #1 Standard Profile Single Notch Blade (Raptor MSP™)
QC® #1 Standard Profile Double Notch Blade (Raptor MDS™)
QC® #1 Heavy Duty Profile Blade (Raptor MHP™)
QC® #1 Extra Heavy Duty Profile Blade (Raptor MXA™)
QC® #1 Extra Heavy Duty Profile Blade (Raptor MXB™)
Pit Viper™ Blade (Raptor MPV™)
Durt Tracker® Blade (Raptor MHD™)
Durt Tracker® Blade (Raptor DT2™)
XHD Durt Tracker® (Raptor MEX™)
SAF-2™ Blade (AccuFlo SF™)
Durt Tracker® HD Reversing Blade (AccuFlo MET/ME/MEU™)
Durt Hawg® Primary Blade (Raptor MDH™)
Durt Hawg® Primary Blade (Raptor DH2™)
Durt Hawg® Secondary Blade (AccuFlo PigHead™)
QC® #2 Secondary Blade (AccuFlo TQ2™)

Richwood Industries Inc.
Combi-T® 1C Blade (Edge-Z™)

Scorpio Secondary Blade (AccuFlo SCS™)

Trellex Primary Blade (Raptor TPC™)

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Best Application

N/A Very cold, winter applications or frozen materials
N/A High temperature cleaning, up to 250°F
N/A MSHA approved, Front Line flame resistant cleaning blade
N/A High abrasion resistant, all-purpose cleaning
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