Plan supplies high performance turnkey plants for the manufacture of "HANDMADE" soft mud clay bricks.
PLAN owns the patent for this production system which has been designed to offer an increased level of safety for the operators combined with low power consumption and environmental impact.

The plant for the automated production of “hand-made” bricks (patent n. AR 2000 A 00012) manufactured by Plan S.r.l., shows in such construction, many innovations that allow improved operator safety and a greater respect for the environment and reduced electrical consumption. The plant has been planned with a system for water collection that allows less waste and complete recovery of water used for the mould washing, as the water is taken to the clay preparation station for use in clay mixing 
The plant is equipped of a remote monitoring system, operating via modem, by which it is possible to carry out periodical controls by Plan, in order to verify the state of efficiency of the plant and all the safety devices for the security of operators. In addition, this system is used to carry out on line monitoring and service to give increased control of the state of the machine (extraordinary maintenance) and, if it is necessary, it is possible for Plan technicians to modify the working data or parameters as per client specifications.