VM-type Pinch Valves are used for intercepting material flow in pneumatic conveying systems or other pipelines and can be installed as a locking device for silo filling pipes.  In the open position, the internal cross section of the valve is identical with the connecting pipe diameter.  By introducing compressed air or, especially with small valves, water under pressure through the threaded bore into the interior of the valve, the internal flexible sleeve is reshaped in such a way that the passage is hermetically sealed.  VM Pinch Valves equally handle pneumatically conveyed powders, granules, fibers, dense mixtures and liquids.

Technical Features:
• Compact overall dimensions
• Easy and quick sleeve and bush replacement
• Full bore-through passage without any pressure loss
• No product contact with the body
• Valve body in aluminum alloy
• Sleeves in fabric-reinforced material
• Sleeve support bushes either in aluminum alloy, hardened carbon steel, or 304/316 stainless steel
• Maximum working pressure: 3.5 bar (52 psi)
• Maximum inflation pressure: 6.0 bar (90 psi)
• Recommended maximum differential pressure: 2.5 bar (37 psi)

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Item #



Operating Pressure

VM013 N/A 13 mm N/A N/A 4 bar
VM020 N/A 20 mm N/A N/A 4 bar
VM025 N/A 25 mm N/A N/A 4 bar
VM023 N/A 32 mm N/A N/A 4 bar
VM040 N/A 40 mm N/A 110 mm N/A 4 bar
VM050 N/A 50 mm N/A 125 mm N/A 4 bar
VM065 N/A 65 mm N/A 145 mm N/A 4 bar
VM080 N/A 80 mm N/A 160 mm N/A 4 bar
VM100 N/A 100 mm N/A 180 mm N/A 4 bar
VM125 N/A 125 mm N/A 210 mm N/A 4 bar
VM150 N/A 150 mm N/A 240 mm N/A 4 bar
VM200 N/A 200 mm N/A 295 mm N/A 4 bar
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