The Multiport Series offers 3-way and 4-way flow control. The Multiport Series valves are available in two different body styles, a compact standard port and a block style full port. Standard port valves are available with NPT Threaded and Quick Clamp end connections. Full port valves are available with NPT Threaded, Quick Clamp, Socket or Butt Weld, and Flanged end connections. End connections can be mixed on a single valve. Many parts are fully interchangeable between models. Cost effective Multiport Series ball valves feature multidirectional control combined with shutoff capacity in one valve. Valve duplication and the need for an extra shutoff valve are eliminated.

• MPT130/MPC130
• MPT230/MPC230/MPS230/MPB230
• MPT240/MPT240/MPS240/MPB240
• MPF150/MPF300
• Ports: Full Port
• Body Style: 3 & 4 Way
• Size Range: 1/4" - 12" (8mm - 300mm)
• Temperature Range: -25°F to 500°F (-31°C to 260°C)
• Pressure Ratings: ASME Class 150, 300 (PN10 to PN40) & 1000psi CWP (69 Bar)
• End Connections: Threaded, Tri-Clamp, Socket Weld, Butt Weld, RF Flanged
• Body Materials: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloys
• Seat Materials: Standard: TFM 1600
• Optional: Tek-Fil®*, UHMWPE, RPTFE, PTFE

Standard Applications:

• Mixing or blending of line medias
• Diversion of flow to different locations
• Bypass of flow around strainers, meters, heat exchangers, etc.
• Direct flow out of or into storage tanks
• Shutoff flow from different locations

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