KEMCO RM 99 is a total hot water system package, specifically engineered and designed for the Ready Mix Industry.

KEMCO Direct Contact Water Heaters are the solution to your hot water requirements. The technology from KEMCO guarantees 99.7% efficiency and provides instantaneous hot water on demand.

Operating at atmospheric pressure, the unit does not have to meet the regulations of pressurized vessels and it is available with total programmable logic controls (PLC).

Pre-piped Package Systems supply the ready mix plant with a ready to go set up. This service will reduce installation time and costs.

KEMCO heaters are sized based on total yards per hour in peak production time. This insures that the heater will generate the hot water needed for batching operations. The chart below will help sizing the KEMCO RM 99 Direct Contact Water Heater for each application.


• 99. 7% Efficient Water Heating GUARANTEED
• Instantaneous hot water minimizes storage tank volume requirements
• Stainless Steel non-pressurized vessel
• PROVEN Reliability, Performance and Efficiency
• Easily retrofits to existing systems
• Direct Contact packed tower heat exchange eliminates tubular heat exchange and retubing
• Fast R.O.I.
• Kemco Sales/Service direct to your plant
• USDA-FDA-U.L. Approved
• Stainless Steel Construction Ensures extended heater life.
• Maxon Burner Kemco provides 40 to 1 burner turndown ratio. Short flame length prevents damage to internal parts. 1°F. water temperature control permits optimum efficiency and performance through full range of turndown. All Kemco Water Heaters over 9 million BTU/hr capacity are designed with dual burners.
• Water Wall Special Stainless Steel construction surrounds combustion zone, withstanding high flame temperatures. Guaranteed.
• Heater Discharge Valve modulates heater water level to within -+1° - safeguards against loss of prime to pump, cavitation of pump or loss of water to water wall.
• Water Cooled Burner Sleeve and Combustion Zone Provides cool outer skin even with 180° water.
• Unlimited Capabilities Available Sizes from 10 to 400 GPM or more. Low NOX available.

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BTU Required/hr at 100°F Temperature Rise

BTU Required/hr at 130°F Temperature Rise

20-40 yds/hr N/A 1.2 mmbtu N/A 1.6 mmbtu
40-60 yds/hr N/A 1.8 mmbtu N/A 2.3 mmbtu
60-80 yds/hr N/A 2.4 mmbtu N/A 3.1 mmbtu
80-100 yds/hr N/A 3.0 mmbtu N/A 3.8 mmbtu
100-120 yds/hr N/A 3.5 mmbtu N/A 4.6 mmbtu
120-140 yds/hr N/A 4.1 mmbtu N/A 5.4 mmbtu
140-180 yds/hr N/A 5.3 mmbtu N/A 6.9 mmbtu
180-220 yds/hr N/A 6.5 mmbtu N/A 8.4 mmbtu
220-260 yds/hr N/A 7.6 mmbtu N/A 9.9 mmbtu
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