Far superior in performance when compared to the commonly used poppet type valves, the rugged Series 62 delivers long, trouble-free service.

Bray Controls offers the high flow Series 62 solenoid valve featuring a modular, pilot operated spool control valve that is convertible from 4-way (5/2) to 3-way (3/2). The 4-way solenoid valve can be used on direct acting or spring return actuators. It can also be converted to a 3-way valve for use on spring return actuators with the use of the optional conversion kit. Two standard coil housings/connectors are available:
The CSA recognized general purpose watertight (NEMA 4,4x) units with 1/2” NPT connection and flying leads.
The IP65 DIN units with cable gland and M15 threaded connector.

Mounting: NAMUR (VDI/VDE 3845), mountable in any position, hardware included.

• Body: Anodized Aluminum
• Spring: Phosphate treated black steel
• Shading Coil: Copper
• Seals: NBR + PUR
• Core / Tube: Stainless / Brass
• End Covers & Plate: 6/6 glass filled polyamide (PA/FV) Spool: Aluminum
• Internal Parts: Zamak, Steel, Acetal
• Pneumatic Ports: 1/4” NPT (G1/4 also available)

Electrical Connections:
• NEMA Housings: 1/2” NPT
• DIN Housing: Cable Gland M15 x 1.5

• Molded and potted coil Class F insulation.
• Molded Cord sets and connectors available for IP65 DIN coil housings.

Normal Ambient Temperature Range:
• NEMA or DIN Housings:
• AC/DC: +5°F to +140°F (-15°C to +60°C)

All housing types are offered with single or dual coils.

Manual Override:  As a standard feature, each unit contains a mechanical manual override located on the solenoid valve block. In the event of electrical power failure, manual operation is simply a matter of rotating the manual override screw which will override the solenoid integral pilot.

Direct Mounting:  Meets NAMUR(VDI/VDE 3845) mounting standards. All Series 62 units mount directly to the Bray Series 92/93 Pneumatic Actuator, no external piping is required. Bray’s direct mounting permits quick and simple field installation.

Series 55 Speed Control:  Optional speed controls that allow independent control of speed in both directions of actuator travel are available.

Coil Housings:  Two standard coil housings are offered:
• The watertight (NEMA 4, 4x) housing offers a potted coil and flying leads. Coils are CSA recognized to U.S. and Canadian standards.
• The IP65 DIN housings offer a potted coil and carry the CE mark.

Standard solenoid valves are supplied as single coil units. Dual coil units are available for customers who require actuators to remain in the last position during electrical power failures.

Valve Design:  Pilot Operated Spool.

Media:  Dry or lubricated air or inert gases.

Spring Return Actuators:  The Series 62, 4-way solenoid valve fills the spring chamber with supply air rather than drawing air from the surrounding atmosphere. This keeps the spring chamber clean and dry, and improves the performance and service life of the actuator.

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62-1250-21520-536 N/A 110 VAC; DIN Type "I" Connection
62-1250-21522-536 N/A 220 VAC; DIN Type "I" Connection
62-1250-21521-536 N/A 12 VDC; DIN Type "I" Connection
62-1250-21524-536 N/A 24 VDC; DIN Type "I" Connection
62-1250-21525-536 N/A 24 VAC; DIN Type "I" Connection
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